The NFL Offseason is Here.

The NFL season may extend from September to early February, but as all NFL fans know that the season never truly never ends. Teams are always working to improve their roster in hopes that they can be the final team in February raising the Lombardi Trophy.  Each team has roster needs that need to be addressed from players retiring, free agents with expiring contracts, and drafting new players, this is cause for a constant front office battle that has become a season long job.

Evaluating the current roster is the first priority.  The Head Coach and General Manager sit down and go through the entire roster, looking at the play of each and every player. They are taking in to consideration how each player played throughout the season, if they are worth bringing back again with the possibility of having a higher paycheck attached to them.  Each and every player knows this is happening, and although they may not like it, they all understand that the NFL and each and every team is a business, and therefore has to be run like one, regardless of what you may have done in the past the league it truly a league of what can you do for me tomorrow.

The performances of each player is not the only thing on the GM’s minds, they must be mindful of the salary cap and build a winning team within those restraints. How much do you spend on a Quarterback, knowing you need help in your secondary? Is a player really worth taking 1/8th of your total salary cap when you have to also have 52 other players on your roster under contract as well? Those are some of the extremely difficult decisions that front office personnel are making at this moment in preparing for the 2014 NFL season, and what makes the season never truly ending for each team.

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