Can the Bears Defense Rebound?

The 2013 Chicago Bears defense was a complete dumpster fire. Suffering major injuries to multiple players, and being forced to start inexperienced rookies, sent a perennial top 10 defense into a downward spiral, finishing statistically as one of the worst in the team’s proud history.

It was the perfect storm of under-achieving, and inexperience that caused GM Phil Emery to use this offseason to begin overhauling this aging defense.  By releasing Julius Peppers and his albatross of a contract, Emery was able to secure two young defensive ends in Lamarr Houston and Willie Young.  With the lackluster play of the Safeties last season, the choice to let Major Wright walk was a no brainer. Bringing in former NY Giant Ryan Mundy, and former Packer M.D. Jennings will be an immediate upgrade in the safety position.

Most of the national critics agree that the free agent signings, coupled with bringing back both starting corner backs, Tim Jennings and Charles Tillman, will bring immediate improvement to the unit that has carried this team for the better part of 10 seasons.

The Bears and Emery know that the window on the current defense is closing, and most experts agree with the offensive weapons the Bears possess and the offensive genius of Coach Marc Trestmans, which produced the 2nd highest scoring offense during the 2013 season, the Bears feel that if they can only field a defense that can finish in the upper 1/3 of the league, they have a real shot at making a deep run into the playoffs.

Only time will tell if these signings are the answer, things change on a week-to-week basis, injuries happen, altering the course of each and every team. GM Emery has done his job; he has spent the team’s money wisely. Now it is time for the coaching staff and the players to finally bring a Super Bowl back to one of the greatest football cities in the nation.

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One Response to Can the Bears Defense Rebound?

  1. freyroge says:

    Nice blog. I’m not a Chicago Bears fan but I have been to Soldier field , (before the remodel) and I have a feeling for the tradition that bears fans enjoy. This site does them proud. You don’t just put on the cheesy headline news, you dug deep and gave us stories like the Kyle long story,( I liked him in the draft too), and the piece on Brandon Marshall was great except for the fact that I’m still mad that Miami let him go. Agghhhh!

    I’m ticked that Jared Allen does not mention ISU as his school on Monday night football. Maybe getting out of that dome will help him see clearer.
    I think that its great blog and ill send any Chicago fans to it.
    If I could suggest anything, it would be that I would maybe put a few personal stories about you and why you’re a fan.
    Nice work here.

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