Player Spotlight: Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall, or “Machine Marshall” as he likes to call himself, is Wide Receiver entering his third year with the Bears, and his ninth year in the league overall. The Bears acquired Marshall prior to the 2012 season from the Miami Dolphins for 2 third round picks.

Marshall was reunited with Quarterback Jay Cutler, whom he played with for 3 seasons in Denver. He reconnected immediately with his Quarterback shattering every Bears receiving record, and becoming the first Bears WR to be voted to the Pro-Bowl for the first time since 2002. He was also voted the Pro-Bowl MVP in 2012.

The Bears were able to get the sometimes troubled receiver for a relatively cheap price due to his numerous run-ins with the law. In 2011 Marshall was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and was able to stay out of trouble since being diagnosed and on medication. The only trouble Marshall has recently been in was being fined by the league last season for wearing bright green cleats during a game, in support of Mental Health Awareness Week. He was fined $5,250 which he matched in a donation to Mental Health Charities.

Marshall is one of only 3 receivers in NFL history to have over 100 receptions in 5 or more seasons.

Marshall is known as a very emotional player, something that he has been able to get under control as he has gotten older, and he uses his emotions to motivate other younger players to become better players. This is the second offseason that Marshall has taken the Bears younger receivers to Miami to train together and become better. Second year receiver Alshon Jeffery attributed his break out second season to the extra work he did with Marshall in the offseason. Jeffery and Marshall both represented the Bears in the Pro-Bowl last season.

Brandon Marshall has been in the league for nine seasons and has never had the opportunity to play in the playoffs. With him entering his final season under contract with the Bears he is extremely motivated to finally make the post season. All the pieces are in place for Marshall and the new and improved Bears offense seems poised to make that happen in the 2014 season.

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