Soldier Field, the Bears Home Field and Memorial to Americas Fallen

Soldier Field
Soldier Field, every red-blooded American sports fan knows of it. Soldier Field is the oldest is the oldest NFL stadium. Opened in 1924, it has been the home of the Chicago Bears since 1971. Famous for its columns, it was renovated in 2003 and is currently the third smallest stadium with a capacity of 61,500. The renovation was a giant topic of controversy within the city, with much question being directed at what was going to happen to famous columns on the outside of the stadium. There was also talk of making it a domed arena, something that the Bears faithful vehemently fought against, with the team seeing that being able to play in the constant swirling winds coming of Lake Michigan as a distinct home field advantage.

While there has been much criticism on the look of the new stadium, with many saying it looks like a UFO has landed inside of it, when opened, it was rated as one of the most technological and environmentally friendly stadium in the league.

The stadium is named in honor of all the fighting men and women who have died defending the country. It is also currently the only NFL stadium that does not have any corporate naming sponsorship. The city of Chicago and the Bears have vowed to never change the name, keeping the stadium as a constant memorial to fallen soldiers.

The stadium has been used for multiple events, from boxing matches, ski jumping, and hockey to local high school football games. To this day, it is still used as a multi-use facility, but the Bears are still its number one tenant.





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