My Brief Interview with the Famous Waddle and Silvy

For my quote regarding the Bears, I was able to speak to Marc Silverman or “Silvy” of the Waddle and Silvy show, a sports talk show broadcast on ESPN 1000 Chicago.


Tom Waddle on the left, is a former Wide Receiver for the Bears, and Silvy is a life long Chicago resident and lifetime Bears fan.

One of the really cool things about ESPN 1000 is that their studios are viewable from the street, giving the fans the opportunity to come and watch the show, and see the famous guests they have live in studio. When I was in Chicago I was able to go and watch the Jay Cutler show live.


So I decided because they are so interactive with their fans, that I would try and get their thoughts on how the Bears offseason has been. This is the email that I sent to them and the reply I got back.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.31.09 AM

So I called them, and after being on hold I was able to speak with Silvy for just about 2 minutes as they were in a commercial break. I asked him what he thought was the biggest free agent move the Bears made was.

“I really like the signing of Lamarr Houston and Willie Young. I know that Jared Allen was the “big” name signing, but the Bears were able to sign two guys who show a lot of upside, entering the prime of their career, and at a relatively cheap price. Plus these guys are going to have the opportunity to learn their craft from Allen on how to be a true professional.”

Silvy was extremely friendly, in asking how I became a Bears fan all the way in Idaho, and he was very engaging during the short time we were able to speak. I was amazed that someone with his personality and stature, who has millions of people listen to him on a daily basis, was kind enough to take a few moments out of his day to speak with a little college student from Idaho.

When this was assigned, I was really worried at how I would be able to get an “expert” quote on my blog. After doing really not a lot of work I was able to speak with a man who I admire his opinion, and someone who I do listen to when I get the opportunity. I have always thought that the Bears have the best fan base, and now I know they have the best personalities who are extremely nice, and are truly the best at what they do.

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