Christmas has Come Early for NFL Fans, the 2014-2015 Schedule has been Released

The NFL knows what they are doing. This league that has risen above all other leagues to rule the sporting universe, knows how to keep their fans begging for more, and they know how and when to give it to us. Not enough to get us sick of it, but enough to keep us hooked.

The Super Bowl was played almost 3 months ago. The scouting combine took place February 22-25. Then free agency began on March 11th. When the majority of big names had been signed and interest may have started to waiver, and with another two weeks until the NFL draft, the league drops the 2014-2015 schedule. With that the league was thrust back into the spotlight, right where it wants to be. Think about this, the NFL schedule release happened on the same night when there was NBA Playoff games, NHL Stanley Cup Playoff games, and regular season MLB games, and what dominated the conversation on SportsCenter, and social media….THE NFL SCHEDULE! If that does not tell you how important the NFL is to the nation, I don’t know what would. People, myself included, were excited to see what games where not even going to be played for another 4 months.

It seems that the NFL drops its yummy goodness for us to devour about every 2 weeks to a month, therefore always keeping us addicted and begging for more.

The Chicago Bears 2014-15 schedule is very interesting. With the team opening up at home for the fifth consecutive season against the Buffalo Bills. Their schedule also includes 5 primetime games, including opening up the San Francisco 49ers new stadium in week 2, playing the NY Jets in the Big Apple on Monday Night Football in week 4, traveling to Green Bay in week 10 for their first match-up with the Packers on Sunday Night, then the Bears will host “Americas Team” in week 14 on Thursday Night Football, and finally will host the New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field in week 15 on Monday Night Football. Not to mention the Bears will play the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving day. It is the first game the Bears have played on Thanksgiving since 2004. In total the Chicago Bears will play a total of 6 nationally televised games this season, with the opportunity to have others “flexed” or moved into primetime depending on how the season unfolds.

They make a very compelling point about the Bears in saying that the NFL rewards teams by putting them in the spotlight of primetime games, so it seems that in the eyes of the league that the Chicago Bears are doing something right.

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One Response to Christmas has Come Early for NFL Fans, the 2014-2015 Schedule has been Released

  1. tolmjess says:

    Your blog has so much working for it with your posts, the photos, the videos, and links all working together to create a fun interactive experience. The extra inclusions to support you blogs helped me as I was reading because American football is still very new to me.
    You’ve chosen some very interesting and significant events/issues to write about. I like that you used the Chicago Bears as a focal point for you entire blog. The Christmas Has Come Early… blog really caught my attention. I definitely understand the concept behind this blog: loving a sport so much that the release of an upcoming schedule is very exciting for fans. I think this line is awesome: “Not enough to get us sick of it, but enough to keep us hooked”.
    I think you’ve done a really good job of building your blog in a very engaging manner from a consistent writing perspective. This reads like an edited sports article.

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